"I want to thank you for introducing the MMC program to me. It has been without a doubt the most successful marketing concept this club has ever seen!"


Nelson Rodriguez, CA


"The response to our program was amazing!  After implementing... we saw an increase in revenues across the board, from the driving range, to merchandise sales, carts, and food and beverage.  Our 2011 golfing season is one of our best on record. 


Todd Laxson, CO


The response to our program was amazing!  All of our existing members were thrilled with the new program, we had members that we hadn't seen in a few years coming back, we had the casual golfer that we would typically only see a couple times each year buying into our program, and we had new golfers that we had never seen before, now becoming part of our loyal customers group. 


Jeff Hygrell, MN


"The MMC program absolutely does work...we raised almost $300,000 in program income.  It is a fantastic promotion and has put our course on the map in the Des Moines, Iowa, area."


Larry L. Hughes, IO


"It is like the 90's all over again...Wow!"


Lenny Shaw, IN


We were seeing a decline in the use of our dining facilities on a daily basis, and even an impact on our traditionally solid banquet business. Beyond the benefit of the program income raised (over $200,000); we have seen increases in all revenue categories at the club including golf cart revenue, range revenue, food & beverage, and merchandise." 


Alisa Milano, MI


Mulligan Marketing Concepts displayed a great understanding of the challenges that we were facing at our facility, and formulated a marketing plan to help us get to where we wanted to be.  I was intrigued by the program…and started to research reference.  Everyone said the same thing, IT WORKS!  The rest is history, our revenue is up and we are on track to have an excellent financial year, when a lot of golf courses in our area are struggling.


Todd Londot, OH


Thank you very much for introducing this marketing concept to our company.  The results have been very impressive for us.  We now “own” the local market.  Other areas of our business such as food & beverage have greatly benefited as well. 


Joe Videtta, RI


MMC worked with us to design a program that addressed the way our existing members used the club, and then we launched our offer into the marketplace to connect with the casual golfer.  As predicted, our play was substantially increased and we generated huge gains in cart revenue, as well as much needed increases in all of our other profit centers.


Lee Edson, MI


I have been in the golf industry nearly all of my adult life, and I have never heard of such a program.  I have tried a lot of marketing ideas in the past, and nothing compares to MMC’s campaign.  I would recommend Mulligan Marketing Concepts to any golf course that would like to capture the market in their area.


Greg Dowdell, MA


Not only has our tee sheet become filled with new play, golf cart revenue is way up, tavern sales are up considerably and we have a customer base like never before!  Most importantly, we are on track to have an excellent financial year, in an otherwise difficult economy.


Adam Crockett, OH


Like many facilities, we had seen a decline in play over the last several years.  Despite the challenges of our national economy, we were able to draw a substantial number of new loyal customers as a result of using the Mulligan Marketing program.  Since opening for business this spring, the difference in activity at our facility has been truly amazing.


William J. Najam Jr., MA


“I would like to thank MMC for running a very successful membership drive.  Your professional knowledge and assistance has helped guide a young, strong team toward a very successful membership program.  Now I am watching our team beat the competition and maintain our status as the number one health and fitness club in the area.”


 Joe Glitz, Owner

“I want to thank MMC for a successful campaign and for your professional guidance throughout the campaign.  We are happy that all of your projections were on target.” 


Laura Dreme, Owner 


“We have benefited greatly from this promotion.  In researching other companies we felt the most comfortable working with MMC.  Your sales training for my staff was very beneficial.”

David Triglia, President 


“Thanks for the program!  Health club operators are very skeptical about outside marketing companies, but MMC is so different from anything I have seen.  We have raised over $125,000 and added 400 new members which put us on track towards a very bright future.”

Kevin Holboke, Owner 


“MMC’s professionalism is unmatched.  I have been a gym owner for many years and have never generated the volume I did through your program.  I will highly recommend and definitely work with you in the future.”

Steve Savage Owner


“I was thrilled with the results of both the cash and monthly dues promotions. You exceeded your projections and our expectations.”


Robert Diamond, Owner 


“I would just like to thank everyone from MMC for a wonderful campaign.  MMC played a significant role in our success this year, our best year ever.”


Gina Spada, Owner


“I have been in the health club business for over 20 years and own one of the largest World Gym’s.  Although I was very skeptical at first, I am happy to say that MMC’s campaign was a great success and that the revenue you projected was very accurate, adding 1,200 members in a very short time.”

Randy Molski, Owner 


“I would like to thank MMC for running a very successful marketing program.  We have turned a possible disadvantage into a running play that has continued to grow and improve since the end of our first Mulligan outing.”


Lisa Glitz, Owner 


“I am just writing to let you know how pleased we are with the results of the campaign you ran at our club.  Your projections were right on target and we raised over $235,000 in cash and over $50,000 in monthly dues.  MMC inspired confidence in both my staff and me.  I simply cannot say enough about MMC.”

Ron Wilcock, Owner


“With great delight I write you this letter of referral in regards to your marketing program our club has just been a part of.  I was completely happy with the work MMC performed for us.  MMC was extremely professional and you made the promotion effortless.  These are not the attributes I have been led to expect from club marketers in the past. Thank you MMC.”

Ann Piper, GM 


“What a way to start the year!  700 new Members, money in the bank and a staff that can’t wait until the next promotion.  All of your projections were right on target.  When the staff keeps coming to me and asks when we are going to run another campaign, I know it was a success.  I would be glad to recommend your program to anyone.”


JoAnn Ribaudo, Owner


“Thank you MMC.  Over $400,000 deposited in my bank, nearly twice which was projected.  It is refreshing to work with a company who stands by their numbers and is so professional.  The campaign was literally turn-key with little or no effort needed on my part. I would be happy to recommend your company to any health club owner.”


Matt Merritt, Owner


“MMC has shown me a level of integrity and honesty that I rarely find in this business.  I am very pleased with the results and both of my clubs have benefited greatly from your sales training. I would be happy to give MMC a great reference to other clubs who would win with MMC’s unique approach.”


John Bosa, Owner


“Thanks MMC.  Not only did your campaign boost revenue during the “slow-months”, it also created excitement among our members and staff.  Over $175,000 in just six weeks.  What a response.  Thanks again MMC.”

Ray Giacobbie, Owner


“I would like to thank MMC for running a great marketing campaign.  You raised $214,000 in cash and another $49,000 in monthly dues.  The promotion company I used a couple years ago was ineffective because they didn’t allow me to use my current staff.  Allowing me to deposit ALL of the revenue was a big benefit to me.  Your program eliminated all of the problems I have had with other companies.  I hope we can work together again soon.”

Coley Brown, President 


































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